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Skybase Geomatic Solutions (Patchmap)

Skybase Geomatic Solutions (Patchmap)




SkyBase Solutions has slowly gained the position of the only serious, ready to use, oil and gas road data supplier in Canada. Our PatchMap products now have approximately 775,000 kms of roads; increasing daily. All of these roads have speeds attached to them as well as road names, kilometer posts and radio frequencies. This same dataset is embedded in all of our products from a webmap service that fleet management companies use to our PC dispatching product to maps on SD cards for Garmin GPS units … even to paper maps that adorn many a wall and truck door pocket. This isn’t all that we do but everything else hinges on the road dataset. We seldom rent our data to others as the product gets old really fast ... and we want to have control of the process so that the dataset stays as functional and current as possible … and our name is on only the latest version, not a stale version from who knows when, that someone refuses to update. PatchMap is always only?available from us directly or through our partner ecosystem. It turns out that once you have a full bodied oil and gas map it acts like a backbone ... a multitude of other datasets can be draped over it for more particular applications … and as far as we know, no others offer this functionality. . Someone can take a singular dataset and have their very own unique mapset with a fraction of the effort; no particular map skills needed, in a short day … who has a desire to start building a map completely from scratch? (even we don’t)

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