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Saddle Hills County

Saddle Hills County


Saddle Hills County is a vital rural community and a great place to live. In this section's  directory, you'll find everything you need to know about day-to-day living in the County, from paying taxes and getting water to getting the roads paved and finding family supports. Anything that you might need for daily life in the County, you can find here.

Saddle Hills County is situated in the Central Peace Region of northwestern Alberta along the southern banks of the Peace River. The County has a diverse agricultural community and deposits of natural gas and oil. The oil and gas industry continues to play an important role in the region and helps to create a progressive and growing economic base.

An ideal opportunity for those in the Petrochemical or forestry industries, those engaged in the new Hydrogen Economy, or companies in the Bio-Agricuktural sector, learn more about the County by checking out the Saddle Hills Advantage.

Saddle Hills County is also home to a diverse agricultural community which produces crops which include: pulses, cereals, canola, legumes as well as bison, elk, goats and sheep. The most common livestock is cattle with an estimated of 26,429 head.

The County’s strategic location provides easy access to three major airports: Grande Prairie, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek. All three airports offer commercial passenger services to centers such as Prince George, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Rail service is available nearby in the Village of Rycroft, the Hamlet of Woking and the City of Dawson Creek.

Two major road corridors (Highway 49 and Highway 2) run through the County offering access to the Northwest Territories, British Columbia as well as Central and Southern Alberta.

Three areas of the County have been targeted for economic growth and have Area Structure Plans (ASPs) which are designed to give landowners, developers and prospective residents a sense of where the County its future potential.


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