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Process Works

Process Works


EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS Family, Community & Civic Organizations


 Elke Haggerty, LL.M., MBA

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At work, would you like a culture where people: 

  • Focus, come on time, are reliable, and have a positive work attitude?
  • Serve customers and clients with positive energy and practical solutions?
  • Speak up to bring their best ideas forward and to offer constructive feedback about others' ideas?
  • Resolve differences openly instead of behaving in political manoeuvring that can harm the organization?

In your home, do you want to 

  • Have more fun, harmony, and support?
  • Create relationships where everyone respects each other and can share what matters to them?
  • Overcome tensions, including within the extended family? 
  • Feel comfortable and empowered handling strong emotions so everyone feels secure?
  • Give feedback peacefully about how others' choices are received by you, in ways that invite different choices?

Learn communication skills to reach understanding, live mutual respect, create openness to ideas, and more. Together, we can create change, one conversation at a time. 

I have been immersed in collaborative communication since 2017 and also bring principles and practices from mediation, facilitation, and organizational behaviour to my work. I take a pragmatic approach and we start with where you, your family, or your organization are right in this moment. Find out more about me and how I can bring light into your your life and services to families at  Call me to learn more about how your business can thrive with more collaboration.


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