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Paradis Valley Honey - Valley Bee Café

Paradis Valley Honey - Valley Bee Café




We are a 7th generation, family-owned, commercial beekeeping operation in Girouxville, Alberta, Canada. Currently, we take care of 3,500 bee colonies, have a commercial beeswax rendering plant that has been operating for over 50 years, supply pollination services, bee pollen, and queen bees, and have recently started providing packaged honey bees from New Zealand!

The beekeeping journey started many years ago. Michael was born in a long lineage of beekeepers. His great-grandfather, Ulric Paradis owned beehives in St. Hughes de Bagot, Quebec with his four sons. Beekeeping in Alberta all started when one of Ulric’s sons, Charles Paradis (Michael’s grandfather), migrated from St. Hughes de Bagot, Quebec to the Peace River region in Alberta in 1954 after hearing of the opportunities out West, and seeing first hand the vast fields of clover for making an abundance of honey. Truly a beekeeper’s “Paradis”. 

Additional Info

Our mission is to be the “go-to” reliable source for sustainably collected pure, raw, 100% Canadian honey bee products. We believe in not only supplying quality products but quality education as well, to inspire others on honey bee health and awareness.


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