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Grimshaw Trucking LP

Grimshaw Trucking LP




Grimshaw Trucking provided transportation services in the early days to the north when you had to forge creeks on log bridges that were chopped and engineered from the sides of the road. There were large tracks of these roads that were still muskeg and the only way through was a tow from a Bombardier or a Bulldozer if they were available.

In the early 1950’s, Grimshaw Trucking mainly serviced the area north of Grimshaw, Alberta hauling product from the rail head and returning with fish and other local products.

The late 1950’s and early 1960’s saw an increase in demand for reliable transportation service into the north and Grimshaw expanded to new communities. We began service to Grande Prairie, Calgary, Slave Lake and High Prairie through our purchase of numerous local transportation companies. A big milestone came in the winter of 1967 when Grimshaw played an instrumental role in building a road into Waterways, Alberta, now known as Fort McMurray. The importance of opening up this corner of Alberta as well as the economic benefits it has provided not only for Alberta, but for the rest of Canada, can not be overstated.


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