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Professional Account Management o/a Saved by the Bells

Professional Account Management o/a Saved by the Bells




Our business experiences included ownership and operational roles in a number of franchised restaurants, purchasing and managing a number of residential property investments that we still hold today. The bookkeeping and accounting skills that we have acquired have always been useful in our own business ventures. We have applied for and received numerous business loans. All of our business loans required a complete and detailed business plan before a purchase was possible. We continued to apply our bookkeeping skills toward required financial reporting to the franchise, sales tax and payroll processing, and year end accounting files. Our skills and passion have always paid dividends. YOUR SUCCESS All of your advisors and lenders will attest to the importance of the bookkeeping role. The process of investigating, planning, and reporting will always demand the timely and accurate financial reports. The Certified Professional Bookkeeper is trained to develop reporting systems that will bring to the surface key trends in your business. Key financial numbers and ratios will reveal areas to improve. Statistics show that 80% of new small businesses fail within the first five years. This is way too high. Perhaps their advisors did not give them the advice that was needed when it was needed. We believe that the Certified Professional Bookkeeper can greatly reduce the likelihood of a business failure. When a small business starts, there is an enormous amount of energy and investment dedicated to the operation. A successful small business will have many facets operating well.

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