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You don’t just need a marketing agency, you need a resourceful marketing and branding agency that can handle the needs of your family business, or your business that you are just starting up. You need someone to turn traffic into clients and clicks into customers. You need someone to come up with content so your online presence is curated and your not wasting your money on promoting content that isn't valuable to your target audience. You need someone that's going to budget and invest your hard earned money, the right way on advertisements on all your social media platforms and the internet. You need someone that has market data on your industry, and a strategy to resolve all your issues and bring out your full business potential. 
And most of all what you need as a business owner is TIME. Give us the marketing so you can focus on your clients and your business’s day-to-day. 
ChivLabs is a digital marketing agency in the Northern Prairies of Canada, Grande Prairie Alberta. We have been able to shape local Canadian businesses with modern marketing methods and by using guerrilla marketing techniques to help achieve an optimal return on investment with minimal ad spend.  With a team of Google Premier Partners, and Facebook Partners executing what we want hasn't been easier and cost-effective.
Waran and his team have been building businesses from scratch using the internet to grow revenue and brands, and now we are planting our roots in Grande Prairie Alberta and looking to work with local business owners, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and whatever you want to call it! 
We focus on targeting your product or service to the right market, and we focus on building brand reputation,  creating sales and managing customers. Our goal is growth hacking, and we’ve built businesses around this goal for years and it has helped us succeed in longevity. The success of our business relies on your business. 
Marketing is a long-term goal for the brand you build. It is an everlasting name/product. Human beings and the internet will remember your product/ service long after you're gone. As once your business and brand are social, your clients will want more and more as you are creating standards for your business and brand. 
What people think of your brand is what they think of you! 
ChivLabs Digital is your one-stop marketing agency for your business and we are ready to partner up with your local businesses to show you how an investment in your marketing will give you a significant return on investment.
The fear of cost/money, should not hold you back from the success of your business, as we offer a free consultation and a free marketing audit so you can get started today easily!
Yours to count on,
ChivLabs Inc.

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